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2017 Wedding Attires for Men and Ladies

Are you invited to a wedding and not sure what to wear? We have some recommendations for both of you. The most important point for picking a fashionable attire for a wedding is to look cool and stylish but not to distract attention from the bride or groom. According to this year’s trend in general, colorful printed and patterned attires are in fashion both for men and for ladies.

Women’s Wedding Attire

  1. You can wear an elegant retro-glam gown that can be a stretch-crepe midi dress.
  2. This modern striped frock can be dressed up with fun accessories and heels for a laid-back wedding look.
  3. Do you like a versatile black wrap jumpsuit that features a curve enhancing draped silhouette?
  4. Another wedding attire to recommend you is a stylish dress with a shoulder neckline and with modish floral prints..
  5. If you prefer an easy casual option, a simple shirtdress with a cinched waist can make you look gorgeous.

Men’s Wedding Attires

  1. You will look sophisticated with a slim-fit tuxedo with satin details. Also, a wool tuxedo jacket will be great on you. You can wear it with a black silk bow tie.
  2. A classic fit black tux is a good choice as well. You can choose a white jacket with well-suited trousers and a black-tie or formal event.
  3. A formal or black-tie affair, satin-finished collar and one-button closure are elegant options.
  4. If you will attend a casual wedding it means no tie. Wear a simple button down but cool shirt with a simple pattern. A lightweight short sleeve shirt will keep you cool as well.
  5. As a last recommendation, what do you think about tweed blazer pairs that will be well-suited with a cashmere sweater or with a crisp white button-down.

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