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How To Do Wedding Make-up

Everybody wants to look perfect for possibly the most important day of their life. As you know, there are different types of make-up options and it’s not easy to choose from. We braught together some of the best wedding make-up tips for your bridal beauty. In general natural beauty is fashionable even for weddings. So,your make-up should not overwhelm your natural beauty. However, as a bride to be in the spotlight you should shine with your make-up and bridal dress of course.

  1. You don’t have to wear a crimson lip for making a statement. A bold and light lip at the same time lip is perfect. On the other hand if your make-up is lighter it won’t stain every person which you kiss.
  2. A neutral eye is not always boring. Just add a slight wing to make your eyes pop. A strip of falsies and a coral strain will help your beauty to shine.
  3. 60s-inspired coral lip seems very beautiful for a countryside wedding. To line the rim of your eye with a white pencil will help to bright up your eyes.
  4. Don’t forget that using earth tones will turn your minimal makeup into a classic look.
  5. Use bronze shades on your face but if you don’t like it you can try a dusty rose color.
  6. Sweeping a flattering apricot blush over your cheeks and a gloss on your lips will complete the look.
  7. For a natural make-up look focus on your lips and pair an orchid-colored lipstick with subtly lined eyes and also peach blush.
  8. If you don’t like neutral make-up, a smoky eye and a rosy nude lip can make you very sexy. However, you can still show your neutral beauty with this style. Adding a touch of bright blush on the apples of your cheeks will be great.
  9. For achiving a gilded look, you can apply a waterproof gold cream shadow over the inner corner of your eyes.
  10. You can blend a brown shadow over your eyelid and along your lower lash line. Finishing this make-up with a light pink blush and mauve lipstick will be astonishing.

Shortly, even if you prefer natural beauty or not, do the make-up at least more than on any day. Because you are getting married.

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