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What Do Kids and Babies Should Wear to Weddings?

Taking your child and baby to a wedding is not so easy. You can leave him or her at home with a baby-sitter. However if you want to take your children with you what they wear is very important. You should pick dressy and comfortable clothes for them to minimize the risk of tantrums. Because they are just children, to take at least two attires is significant as well.

Babies and Toddlers

You can dress your boy in dark pants, a collared shirt and also in a sweater vest. He may not like it but he will be adorable in a bow tie is adorable. A fluffy dress and tights, a patterned sundress and a coordinating headband can be great for weddings according to the weather. As you know babies and little children grow quickly. So you should pick clothing in a size up if the wedding will be held at least one month later.  Your little ones will feel more comfortable in attires that are slightly larger.


Your boy can wear dark pants, a collared shirt and maybe a tie with a suit jacket. Also, your girl can wear a combination of a skirt and blouse or sundress and cardigan. If she wants to wear a fluffy, princess-style skirt, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong to put on such attires in her age while she is young. A young girl can wear mini sleeveles dress with a colored sash and also bright cardigan sweater. If your kid is a flower girl she can wear a knee- or mid-calf-length white or pastel dress.

Going to a wedding can be fun and a great memory in your children’s lives.  So make them feel comfortable and special.

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