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What Should Men Wear to a Summer Wedding

What Should Men Wear to a Summer Wedding

The most important rule is not to wear white to a wedding for both men and women. Also as a note you should be respectful to religious affiliations in terms of your attires. As another rule, if it’s written “black tie is optional” on an invitation of a wedding you can wear a dark suit or a tux.

As you may guess it’s a fact that men has limited choice of choosing attires including weddings. However as a man, what to put on is easy in general if you don’t think too much. Because you can wear a suit.

  1. Wearing a suit is easy and practical. A solid gray or navy suit will look great and surely it can simplify the process of getting dressed.
  2. Especially for summer weddings, it can be said that men can wear attires that are stylish, comfortable and sportive at the same time.
  3. You can wear a classic-fit sport and chambray fashionable coat. If you pair it with blue pants your modish style will give really a nice nautical vibe.
  4. Super slim is always in fashion. A beige super slim fit stretch suit with its light color and lightweight material will make you look handsome.
  5. If it’s written casual on the invitation, this means you can wear whatever you want in the condition of not exaggerating too much. For example you can take off your tie, wear a canvas linen shirt and also roll up your sleeves.
  6. Water and wrinkle resistant and aquaspider wool suit can be perfect for a wedding helding on a hot summer day.

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