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Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

Your most important is about to come. Everything can be ready but what about your hairs? Do you want to shine like a real star with these gorgeous, and elegant hairstyles? Then we promise you will shine.

Romantic Waves

Yes, you can do your hairstyles like Charlize Theron did. A big-barrel curling iron or a large flat iron will be the great tools for your semi-messy and loose, waves. If you put a flower on one side, it will be more romantic.

Big Side Braids

It has both a bohemian and a cool girl impression your waves should be taken down a notch. Firstly, part your hair down the middle or the side as Olivia Wilde did, then smooth them with a flatiron. After that you can braid along the side of your head, pining it in the back. That’s all.

Sculpted Waves

If you have short hairs it will be no problem. We still have great hairstyles for your wedding. You don’t have to start grow your hairs. Soft and sculpted curls will be great for shorter lengths. After blow-drying your hairs, make a side part. Then you should begin to curl the whole of your head with a curling iron. When you brush them, both you and your hairs look nice with loose bend. Also a sculpted bun for a textured hair can be done as well.

An Elegant Braid

Wearing a remixed braid crossed over your stylish and elegant crown like Beyonce did will make you look awesome and gorgeous.

Low Chignon

Although it’s a classical low chignon, you can try it for your wedding. You should part your hairs deeply on one side and then gather your hairs into a loose ponytail on the opposite side. After that, you can break the ponytail into two parts and rope them together. Then finally you can pin the twist up.

A Remixed French Roll

It’s a pulled back and sophisticated style. A side-parted pinned roll like Kate Bosworth did will make you look very fancy, dreamy and gorgeous in your wedding day.

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