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Wedding Bouquet Trends

Is your big day coming? Did you think about every details? Did you think about your  wedding bouquet. Whether you thought about it or not yet, you should consider these trends:

Flower choice

If you are not sure about where to start you can pick incorporating flowers which have special importance for both of you such as the first bouquet your boyfriend gave you.

Mix it up

Its another choice to have a combination of different kinds of flowers and colors. If you want some uniformity, pick a color theme or a seasonal mix of flowers to enable an elegant eye-catching style.

Get sentimental

It’s becoming more popular amongst brides to incorporate something that has a meaning .For example you can wrap the handle of your bouquet with a piece of your dress or veil of a loved one like your best friend, grandmother or mother.

Look into wedding lockets in memory

Unfortunately, some guests may not attend your wedding. However, adding a locket with the photo of your loved one will be great to include a special guest who couldn’t come.

Let’s go green

It can be said that wedding bouquets come alive with the addition of green leaves. You can add color and volume through integrating greenery such as wispy bear grass or long and leafy lily grass. The contrast is better. Because it can brighten up your bouquet and also add depth to overall look of your flowers.

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