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Wedding Trends

It can be said that summer is a popular time for weddings coming with different wedding tradition styles for summer celebration.

Bright hues are very fashionable for summer weddings. However using just one dynamic color for a strong statement will be better than splashing multi-color all over your reception space. A laid-back music can lighten the ambience a little. Apart from this, as you may guess basic beach or garden themes are classic for summer weddings. You can add orchids to your bouquets or you can fill your centerpiece vases’ bottoms with black lava rocks. What about a letterpressed invitation in ivory and black? Also, your guests will want something cold at hot summer such as wine smoothies.  You can get inspired by the summer flavors and wine smoothies as well J

It’s started to prefer country weddings more and more. The main reason for this is it’s different and exciting. Because you can get married near or in an actual barn and also make your wedding like a hayride. You shouldn’t forget about the importance of wild flowers, cowboy hats, rustic attires, rustic doors, wood panels and cowboy boots as signs of countryside weddings.

Usually summer ones are preferred rather than winter weddings. However if you want to get married in winter there are a lot of things that you can make your big day very special. Pine cone place card holders can be dusted with snow. You can tree trunk slab for your wedding cake stand. Fresh greens at your ceremony on pews or the back of chairs will be great as well. Also keep in mind that pumpkins, pinecones and hot chocolates are always favorite designs for both of a fall and a winter wedding.

As it’s known ballroom weddings are traditionally made for dancing. The most important part of this wedding style is the floor itself where couples dance. Also, big crystal chandeliers, draped columns and roof with satin and organza and rose bouquets will make your ballrooms look amazing. Apart from this a glossy floor imprinted with a romantic toile pattern can enable a festive surface for dancing.


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